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Retired - 859/Unit 1/2

Though it went through a number of name changes, it's history reflects the growth of the Lafayette EMS squad.  When originally purchased it was given the designation of 859.  It's smaller size and better fuel efficiency made it a good compliment to then 858.  858 was a rescue vehicle designed more for motor vehicle rescue operations than sick person calls.  Then as now, sick person calls represent a larger portion of our call volume and the opportunity arose for us to purchase this ambulance.  859 became our primary response vehicle for sick person calls and 858 for motor vehicle calls.  When EMS separated from the fire department it was renamed Unit 1, and 858 was renamed Unit 2.  When the squad purchased the current Unit 1 ambulance this unit became our secondary response vehicle and was renamed Unit 2.  The ambulance was sold in 2011.


M. Strowe 2006 - 2013